Astra International OÜ is registered in Estonia on 05.09.2018, reg.number 14559573, has been providing digital asset management services for more than three years, and has extensive business connections in the crypto and banking industry.

Regulator: Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit

Legal Framework: Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act

Valid licenses:

License FFA000286 (as of 12.09.2018): Operating as a financial institution

Provision of other financial services, except insurance and pension funding, not elsewhere classified.

License FVT000283 (from 06.11.2020): Providing a virtual currency service

Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency; Providing a virtual currency wallet service.

The company's founders and management have more than 20 years of experience in consulting, telecommunication, and banking industries, and already 5 years of experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, having successfully implemented several of their own business projects.

Astra has developed its own integrated platform MetaAstra that combines the functions of traditional finance with the capabilities of blockchain technology:

• Digital asset management (cryptocurrencies, stable USDT/USDC coins, security tokens)

• NFT marketplace

• Crypto-fiat exchange (including OTC transactions)

Astra International has implemented modern KYC/AML policies and procedures in accordance with Estonian regulatory requirements, European and international standards, and uses WorldCheck (Refinitiv) and SumSub systems for counterparty verification and screening.

The company has accounts with leading crypto exchanges and open accounts with banks working with the crypto industry, providing its clients with the ability to make SEPA/SWIFT payments in any currency.

Astra International has positioned itself as a company of high reputation, providing only quality service, aiming for technological excellence and international level of legal and compliance support.

AstraUp Media

AstraUp Media

Astra International has been providing digital asset management services for more than 3 years and has extensive business ties in the crypto & banking industry.